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Gregory J Tarantola DDS

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No Chew Cookbook

After extractions and other dental procedures it may be hard to chew. Or you may have a jaw joint disorder that makes it difficult, you may be going through orthodontics, jaw injuries etc. However you need to maintain good nutrition so healing can be quick and effective. Liquid diets may work but if that's all you can do, there may be drawbacks such as nutritional deficiencies, muscle loss, digestive issues, blood sugar fluctuations, and potential psychological impact.

This new and updated edition of the best-selling Non-Chew Cookbook is for all the people who love and enjoy tasty food, but  suffer from chewing disorders that make  eating less than the pleasure it should be.

Over 40 million people in the U.S.  have chewing, swallowing and dry-mouth disorders. (The joint in the jaw experiences more stress than the knee or hip joint.) Some are recovering from head or neck  surgery, are mouth/throat cancer patients  or have temporo man di bular joint (TMJ) problems. Others have braces or wear  dentures; are patients of stroke, ALS, Alzheimer’s disease, AIDS or lupus; or are parents transitioning babies to solid foods.

This is not a liquid diet book, nor is  it a blender cookbook. Inside are 200 soft and tasty recipes for casseroles, soups and main dishes featuring crab, salmon, ham and chicken. There are Mexican-flavored entrées such as chili rellenos, vegetables such as broccoli that are chopped not puréed and mouth-watering desserts. This is food the whole family can enjoy.

People with chewing disorders often exist on milkshakes, Jell-O, mashed potatoes and baby food. This book explains how they can get the foods their body requires to recover from surgery and disease. There is a new section on good nutrition by a  registered dietitian, and each recipe comes with complete nutritional analyses, so that you can be sure your meals are healthy  and nutritionally sound.

The I-Can’t-Chew Cookbook, used and recommended by thousands of dental and med ical professionals across the country,  is now also available in paperback for the first time.