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Gregory J Tarantola DDS

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The systems below have been shown to whiten teeth effectively. I personally have tested them. However I feel the best results are obtained by simply enhancing the natural crystalline structure of the enamel with the nano-hydroxyapatite products in my daily protocol. It fills in microscopic cracks and defects minimizing staining, makes the enamel surface slick and smooth, and creates a white opaque layer that blocks incoming light and reflects back white light. The smile above is mine - a 69 year old who is an avid coffee drinker!

But see what the research shows by reading "Tooth Whitening With Hydroxyapatite: A Systematic Review" HERE

Watch An Indepth Video By Dr. T. - "The Wonders Of Hydroxyapatite To Whiten Teeth" HERE

or on YouTube - CLICK HERE

Snow At Home Whitening
  • Tested by Dr. T - it is a quality, effective product. 
  • Uses blue light to activate the whitening gel
  • Although sensitivity is uncommon with this system, see red light mouthpiece below if you do happen to have sensitivity after whitening
  • Brush/floss with remineralizing toothpaste​​​​
  •  The Snow system includes the innovative LED mouthpiece, 3 whitening wands, 1 extra strength whitening serum wand and a progress chart so you can track your results. Many customers get 6-12 months use without having to buy refills. Kit includes a 5-year warranty for the ultimate peace of mind.
Red Light Therapy Mouthpiece
  • Helpful if you have sensitivity after teeth whitening

  • Works well if you have generalized tooth sensitivity such as from root exposure from recession.

  • Can also help gum inflammation such as pregnancy gingivitis. It is not a substitute for proper daily oral care but rather an complement/adjunct to it

Lumineux Whitening
  • An alternative way to whiten teeth - peroxide free
  • Uses coconut oil, sage oil, lemon peel oil and dead sea salt